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What types of injuries or illnesses are covered by Massachusetts Workers' Compensation?

Any injury or illness, be it physical or mental, that results from a workplace event or series of events is covered under the Massachusetts Workers' Compensation statute.  An employee needs to show a causal relationship between the workplace event(s) and the resulting disability.  This can be shown through medical records, physician statements, or in correspondence between the medical providers and the attorney.

Even if an injured worker has prior problems affecting the same body part, problems that were not work related, the worker is nevertheless entitled to workers' compensation benefits so long as the work event, or series of events, was a major but not necessarily predominant cause of the resulting disability.

Injury or illness that occurs when workers are on their way to and from work is not generally covered.  However, there are a number of exceptions to this rule. 

Although there are many details and exceptions, the basic types of injuries and illnesses covered by Massachusetts workers' compensation include:

  • Burns, Cuts, Broken Bones, Torn Ligaments, Muscle Strains
  • Concussions or other head injuries
  • A Heart Attack, Stroke or other cardiovascular event
  • Loss of Limbs and Fingers
  • Scars on the Face, Neck or Hands
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression or other mental disorders
  • Consequences of exposure to toxic substances, such as lung cancer or other occupational diseases like asthma or mesothelioma
  • Bacterial or viral infections that are caused by work events
  • Worsening of a pre-existing medical disorder

Other health conditions and types of accidents may be covered.  To obtain the most accurate information about the types of injuries or medical conditions that make workers eligible for Massachusetts workers' compensation, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with a highly skilled and experienced attorney at the law firm of Kantrovitz and Kantrovitz.  Call us for a free consultation.