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How do I apply for Massachusetts Workers' Compensation Benefits?

Workers' compensation in Massachusetts is awarded to victims who suffer an on the job injury. With few exceptions, every worker employed in Massachusetts has the right to file for weekly benefits if they are no longer able to do their job because of something that happened at work. The injury or illness must be work related. While every worker can apply for Massachusetts workers' compensation without legal help, it is highly recommended to seek the advice of a qualified attorney with experience in this highly detailed field.  The attorneys at Kantrovitz and Kantrovitz can help you obtain all benefits to the law entitles you. With over forty years of experience and dedication in serving the people of Massachusetts, Kantrovitz and Kantrovitz represents three generations of lawyers who enjoyed outstanding legal careers serving injured workers.

What Is The Application Process for Massachusetts Workers' Compensation Benefits?

Every employer must ensure his or her workers for work-related injuries or illnesses. The application process starts with properly documenting the occurrence of the injury or illness. Workers must report the incident or the occurrence that resulted in bodily harm, trauma or a medical condition in a detailed manner. It is important to document the time, date and location, and any relevant details that may prove that the bodily harm occurred at work or is otherwise work-related. Be careful with forms that the employer gives you, and keep copie of all paperwork involved. Call us and get advice about how to proceed. It costs you nothing.

Contact The Insurance Company And The Department Of Industrial Accidents

After the accident or the occurrence of the illness was properly documented, and all the necessary forms were filled, the employer must proceed by contacting the insurance company and the Department of Industrial Accidents.  Many employers, however are hesitant to take proper legal action, and workers face many obstacles before they actually receive the compensation. The attorneys at Kantrovitz and Kantrovitz are qualified, talented and highly skilled workers' compensation attorneys who take the time to solve problems and clarify issues that may arise during the application process. Workers from Massachusetts can find detailed contact information on www.kantrovitzandkantrovitz.com, and with just a phone call, schedule an appointment with a qualified Massachusetts workers' compensation lawyer who will make sure the legal process goes smoothly and requires minimal effort on the client's part.