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General Liability Claims

General liability claims result when someone is injured due to the negligence by another person or company, whether it is work-related or not. As a victim, knowing how to navigate the complexities of such claims may mean the difference between compensation for your injuries and footing the bill for your medical costs on your own. Consumers who choose to work directly with the insurance company often unwittingly reveal information that damages their case, and reduces potential compensation.

Businesses carry general liability insurance to protect them from lawsuits. Their insurance company has teams of lawyers that represent them when victims file a claim.  When you consider that your injuries could plague you for years to come, it makes sense to hire an attorney to fight for you and, when necessary, litigate the claim. This means you need a law firm with the experience and ability to successfully prosecute your case through mediation or litigation.

Types of General Liability Claims

General liability claims include most types of accidents.  If you suffered injuries and are unsure about how to proceed, contact our firm for a free evaluation of your case. We concentrate in the following types of general liability claims:

- Sickness or injury from defective products

- Trip and fall accidents

- Environmental pollution

- Injuries caused by fire, smoke or water

- Assaults which often are the result of poor security

Prepare Your Case

Keep track of any medical receipts, records, and the name and numbers of any doctors you have seen. Don't speak with the insurance company or their lawyers until you have hired an attorney to represent you. You may find that fighting for compensation is an uphill battle. Without consulting an attorney, you may even sue the wrong person or entity. We can help you.

The attorneys at Kantrovitz & Kantrovitz in Boston, Massachusetts will protect your rights and work to get you your full entitlement.  A large portion of your case involves knowing the right timing to submit documents, the type of documents required, and how to submit those documents. Victims that choose to represent themselves often make mistakes early on in the process and effectively eliminate the possibility of recover.  Please call us for a free consultation.