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Firm Overview

The principle that was the bedrock of Gabriel Kantrovitz's practice and that of the firm that he headed was that there was no limit, there were no lengths “Too Far” that he and his firm would go to in defending workers' rights and getting their clients the justice and compensation they deserve. This was the commitment to their clients that Gabriel demanded of himself and of all the other lawyers in the firm he founded, including his son Martin Kantrovitz who was Gabriel's law partner or employer until his death in 2001.

Today Martin Kantrovitz, his son Michael Kantrovitz and the firm of Kantrovitz & Kantrovitz LLC serves as tireless advocates for their clients primarily as Massachusetts Workers' Compensation lawyers and in the areas of personal injury law.  The firm continues to operate under the guiding direction of Martin's father and Michael's grandfather, that there is no limit to how far they will go to serve their clients.  This ideal had served the firm exceedingly well over the years and they have obtained many newsworthy judgments on behalf of our clients, including the landmark case of  Bencosme vs. Kokoras, where Martin Kantrovitz convinced the Supreme Judicial Court to hold landlords responsible for damages children suffer from lead paint poisoning. This case continues to be the primary legal precedent on such cases to this day.

Why K&K? 

Because of the high standard of legal competence evidenced by the consistently significant judgments obtained for their clients, their many years of experience and their commitment to the highest ethical standards, Kantrovitz & Kantrovitz LLC has been awarded the highest possible rating (AV) by their fellow lawyers and judges in Martindale Hubbell, the predominant rating system for attorneys.


Why injured workers hire Kantrovitz and Kantrovitz…

Most employers in Massachusetts are required to carry workers compensation insurance so that when you are injured on the job you generally will be entitled to workers' compensation benefits to include such things as medical care and partial wage replacement for employees forced to miss work for five days or more.  While the Massachusetts workers' compensation system is designed to be an efficient no-fault system there are complex procedures and strict deadlines that must be met to preserve your claim. All worker compensation claims are administered by the Massachusetts Department of Industrial accidents in accordance with Massachusetts workers' compensation law (Chapter 152). This law is very complicated and filled with specific rules and procedures one must follow exactly. With nearly fifty years of experience navigating this system the lawyers at Kantrovitz and Kantrovitz LLC have guided their clients through all imaginable court processes and know exactly how the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents works.   Remember, the workers compensation insurance company and the insurance company lawyers work for the employer, not for the workerThe insurance company lawyers will be dedicated to finding any and all ways to minimize the amount paid on claims, including denial and disqualification of  the claim altogether. These insurance companies and their attorneys are familiar with Kantrovitz & Kantrovitz LLC and their expertise in the area of Massachusetts workers' compensation law.  Let Kantrovitz and Kantrovitz LLC put their 45 years of experience to work for you.  From the beginning to the end of the process, they are there to help workers. They will take care of all of the paperwork, deadlines with the Department of Industrial Accidents, the court system and the insurance companies, so you can better focus on your recovery.