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Dependents Workers' Compensation Benefits 

Massachusetts workers' compensation is a kind of insurance coverage that employers are obligated to provide to their employees. The coverage offers compensation benefits to workers who are injured at work. There are different kinds of benefits depending on the nature of the work-related injury. In tragic cases, a worker may die as a result of a work accident. In such cases, the deceased workers' dependents are eligible to dependent benefits also known as death or survivorship benefits. These benefits are meant to take care of the financial difficulties that may arise as a result of the death of the worker. However, one must prove he or she is a dependent in order to receive these benefits.

Massachusetts defines who is a dependent.  Dependency must have been present at the time of death or injury. 

Workers are also covered regardless of the method the employer uses to pay them. This means that workers who are even paid "under the table" are eligible to these benefits. 

Employees are covered whether they are U.S citizens or not. Even unauthorized immigrant employees are eligible to these benefits.

Whether an employee is a victim or caused the accident resulting to death, his/her dependents are entitled to death benefits.

Self-employed workers who have acquired workers' compensation insurance coverage for themselves are also eligible to these benefits.

What dependency benefits are granted?

The deceased worker's surviving spouse is eligible to 2/3 of the worker's average weekly earnings for up to 250 weeks on condition that he/she remains unmarried. If by the lapse of the 250 weeks the survivor is not yet totally self-sufficient, the benefits can be indefinitely extended. The deceased's children are also entitled to the benefits. 

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