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Attorney Gabriel Kantrovitz

Gabriel Kantrovitz became an attorney in 1937.  Two of his brothers, two of his sons, two of his grandsons and one of his nephews became attorneys as well. Until 2001 Gabriel Kantrovitz fought for workers, organizers and those willing to speak out against constitutional injustice.

In the early 1950's when Senator Joseph McCarthy was investigating alleged subversive activity at the local General Electric plant, it was Gabriel Kantrovitz that represented those workers accused of ties to the communist party.  In a seminal moment in our national history, Gabriel Kantrovitz refused to allow McCarthy to interrogate and prosecute the accused GE workers, a defiance that resulted in his being escorted by McCarthy's thugs from the Senate Hearing.

As a young attorney Gabriel was a general practitioner, later concentrating in the representation of people badly injured at work.  He was one of the early pioneers of the Massachusetts Workers' Compensation system and continued to practice until his death.